Sharma & Sons


Quality of Machine

Now a days, machining production has reached a certain level of sophistication. This level allows the manufacturer with more advanced equipment, such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC machining) machines. This allows product quality to improve compared to hand-operated production equipment. Our brush tufting machine is fully automatic and high speed machine. So customer can make fast production in less hours and earn good profit. We keep all parts branded in machine like Panasonic servo motors and Italy main motor. Our consumable parts also made in high speed metal for long life 。Machining using this equipment requires less time, which means more labor productivity when producing large quantities. Investing in these types of machinery can also make your production faster without compromising the quality.

We provide installation and training in starting so customer understand what it means before beginning work. Also, ensure that all tools are in good condition. Establish tight tolerance and avoid unnecessary operations while the machine is running. After sale service we provide customer whenever he want and keep extra parts with machine with tool kit. We have online service too. These all points make machine best in quality.

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